Eva Rose Trust

On 19th March 2017, our beautiful Eva lost her battle with prematurity. Eva suddenly fell very poorly with Necrotising Enterocolitis (NEC), where the intestine becomes inflamed and begins to die. NEC is much more common in premature babies. Of the babies who get this cruel condition, around 50% will lose their lives before or after surgery. Despite the technology we have today, there is still so much to learn about NEC and what truly causes it and more importantly, what can prevent it and save lives. Nothing will ever make it ok, our family will always have something missing but we will always remember our strong, brave baby girl and everything she was and achieved in her short 5 1/2 weeks in the world. We are now looking to set up a trust in Eva’s name to help others who go through the unimaginable journey of having a preemie. We are working through establishing a trust but first must do our research into what needed and reflect on what would have supported us more during our 11 weeks in hospital and the coming months when we start coming to terms with what has happened. We would be so very grateful if you could spare a few pennies towards what will be Eva’s trust. Thank you in advance, Lou, Tom, Una and the many others going through the heartache we feel X